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Mentorship Programs + Packages for Photographers

The JBeauty Mentoring program is in place to help up and coming photographers develop and improve their photography skills. This program will create the space to help you gain more insight on how to define the direction you'd like to go with your photography career. We accept a limited number of students every few months. The program is curated specifically for each individual photographers needs. . 

Choose Your Own Number of Mentorship Sessions:

Private Session Packages

free private initial meeting to ensure we are a good fit!!

  • Package of hourly one-on-one sessions, covering goals, feedback and mentoring tasks. At your pace and number of sessions.

    • 2-5 sessions: $60 each

    • 6-10 Sessions: $50each

    • 10+ Sessions: $40

  • A single session is available too, used mostly for portfolio reviews and advice, but an option if you want to start with one.

    • Cost: $100

      Preparation time goes into each session, in addition to the hourly time, but is included in the cost. 

With private sessions tailored to your needs, we’ll ask you to think through the areas of your photography that you want to work on, and then we’ll examine and tackle them together.  

Topics can include:

  Lighting | Post-processing | Shooting & composition | Marketing | Finding your style | Social media | Working with clients 

  •          Image or portfolio critique

  •          Discovering YOUR personal style

  •          Lightroom and Photoshop processing

  •          How create a style that is known by sight.

  •          How to utilize your imagination

  •          Discovering tips and tricks that can elevate your image

  •          Learning how to use your camera to your advantage

  •          How to choose your clients.    PLUS MUCH MORE!! 

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