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About Joeline

I love creating art, capturing peoples moments in time & making them ever lasting. I give everything I have everytime I pick up my camera. Replicating in still image your memories drives me. Im a 30 year old Mother & Wife I love my family with all of me. I enjoy most spending time with them and traveling. I hope that the memories we make together through imagery are as fulfilling to you as capturing and creating them are to me.

My back story:

All my life I loved photography and didn't quite know it. Being in front of the camera modeling since my teenage years put me close to my true passion and I wasn't even aware. Even prior to becoming a model I would carry my cheap little digital cameras around everywhere snapping photos of everything and everyone. I eventually had friends & family asking me to take images of  them. Still it didn't connect with me how much I loved and had a true passion for it. It wasn't until 2010 when my mother gifted me a canon Rebel XS that I realized this was something I wanted to do. My first subject was my little sister we snapped photos in the backyard and from that moment I knew... But it wasn't until years to come that I would have taken it seriously, invested in & build on my passion. But that's where it all began.


Address: 2910 Route 130 N Suite #4 08075 NJ

Joeline Payton -Owner- Lead Photographer |
Juliana Montalvo - Photographer - Business Coordinator  |
(609) 531-8571

Meet the Team

Owner | Lead Photographer

Joeline Payton


Photographer | Business Coordinator 

Juliana Montalvo

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Eric Powell


LEAD In House Make-Up Artist 

Micah Covington

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